Red Door Dwellings is your Feng Shui consultant for the Madison, WI area

Numerous studies show that our environment impacts our physical and mental health. A residential consultation will give you a personal assessment on how to turn your home into your sanctuary. Together we will work to turn your home into a place that nurtures and supports you!

A consultation includes:

  • A personalized questionnaire detailing your challenges and desires for your home
  • Applying the Bagua Map to enhance the following areas of your life: wealth & prosperity, fame & reputation, love & relationships, children & creativity, helpful people & travel, career, knowledge and self cultivation, and health & family
  • Examining the energy or Ch’i flow through and around your home
  • Using the Five Elements to bring balance to each space
  • A follow-up phone call about four weeks after your consultation to check-in on your progress and answer any further questions you may have. I am also available to answer questions between the consultation and the follow-up.

Fee: Residential consultations are $125/ hour with a one-hour minimum.

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