Recent Client Comments

Thank you again very much for your expertise. I feel your consultation was truly worth every penny, I would pay more! And I am sure we will want you to come back. I’m ready to move some ch’i!”  – Joan, Sun Prairie, WI

We did make some changes – mainly with the center room and re-arranging the desk so my back isn’t to the room and more ‘up’ lighting. It’s made a huge difference – much brighter and more inviting. You are very talented and I will certainly pass on your name!”  – Mary Ann, Sauk City, WI

The greatest thing for me was really having my eyes opened to the clutter, and cuing in even more that the energy from that clutter stresses me out. I will say the idea of all the toys having voices and causing ‘noise’ as the children sleep has been on my mind often. Their rooms are getting picked up more often. My husband and I were just saying the other day how well the boys are doing. Less stressed, more confident. They seem to all be in a really good place right now.

I guess if I think about it, another change is with the boys’ friendships. I see people reaching out more to them. We aren’t the ones always asking for the playdates or get togethers. That is a big change for my boys, and obviously speaks to some kind of energy shift that they are giving off. More inviting and inclusive I think

As we think more towards putting more thought and energy into decorating, we are looking at implementing your suggestions around color. Also the bedroom – making it more romantic and pulling out kid stuff.

{Husband} has really opened up to following some of his dreams. The day after that decision was made, he was approached about another job possibility at work that he is interested in pursuing. So I think the positive energy flow is really there. Momentum.

“I really did find HUGE value in your reports” – Theresa, Middleton, WI